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Eric's plan to make Iowa work. Together.

Fairness. Integrity. Equality.

A Champion for Iowa's Kids

As a special education teacher and coach in the public school system, every day I see how the current education funding formula and state budget are not working for our children. When making decisions about education I will listen to our students, parents and educators, not out-of-state interests and lobbyists.

Working for Hardworking Iowa Families

The Republican practice of giving handouts to out-of-state corporations has left Iowa’s working families behind. The State Legislature should work with all business owners here in Iowa to create good paying jobs. I stand with unions in the fight to protect workers' rights.

Accountability and Transparency

Over the last few years we have seen politicians at every level hand out millions of our taxpayer dollars to out-of-state corporations through backroom deals.  As your state representative, I will hold myself, my fellow legislators and state employees accountable so they are transparent to Iowa taxpayers.  We deserve to know where our tax dollars are being spent.

Read Eric's Full Plan Here:

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